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Top 10 Fintech Companies of 2019

Vincent Nyoike




It was founded 2 years ago to support API that is helping startups access banking services through the use of apps and banking apps. The infrastructure that underpins open banking through its Open Banking based Payments API, it is allowing businesses to accept open banking payments.


It was founded in 2011 and it supports over 300 currencies. It provides better currency exchange rates that has led to its success. The company is expanding with the recent appointment of Goldman Sachs to advise on the sale of $200 shares valued at $4 billion.


It was founded in 2015 as a mobile account. From last year, it has been offering current accounts that are easily understood by customers in the UK . It has eliminated hidden fees, paper forms and nothing working as expected. Its success is evident since it teamed up with Jumio that saw the improvement of its app. It is expanding its operations to the US market.


It was founded in 2011 and has seen an increase in customers from 40,000 last year to over 50,000 now representing a 125 percent increase. It makes use of technology allowing people to invest. It is focusing on consolidating its dominant position in the UK and expanding to Asia.


It is a digital banking alternative to traditional banking with an emphasis on current accounts. It joined CIFA to prevent financial frauds. Rather than focusing on profits, the company is aiming to inspire customers by offering high-quality services. Monese has a quick and easy application process.

Receipt Bank

It was founded in 2010 and it has continued to grow due to its proven strategy. It offers computing services and data handling that compiles accounts, expenses and savings easing customers’ work. A customer can integrate this service with his cloud based accounting software or even download reports. This saves businesses staff hours and costs leading to its continued growth.    


It is an online mortgage broker. It identities market gaps by comparing more than 11,000 deals from many lenders and then helps customers to get the best mortgages. By assisting customers in getting better deals, it has retained loyalty and appreciation from its customers. Homeowners should refrain from Standard Variable Rate (SVR) according to Trussle’s calculations.


With its recent move of pushing its Al Chabot for Facebook within the US market, it is now experiencing 1,000 new sign-ups daily. Rumors have it that it is planning to expand its operations to the English speaking countries. Users can track expenditure and savings using Facebook Messenger. There are plans to introduce the service to other markets.


The company was founded in 2013 to provide a digital alternative to other mainstream banking that use prepaid cards and peer to peer payments. It is also dealing with cryptocurrencies since it joined the block chain market. It supports over 20 currencies through mobile apps and ATMs. The company is expanding to Australia, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.

Vincent is an experienced journalist from Kenya. He has a keen focus in finance, tech, and health news.

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