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J.C. Restoration, Inc. Ranks on Crain’s 2019 List of Chicago’s Biggest Minority-Owned Businesses

Shahina Khatun



J.C. Restoration, Inc. has achieved a spot-on Crain’s 2019 list of Chicago’s biggest minority-owned businesses, ranking at number 20, which is based on 2018 revenue.

J.C. Restoration (JCR) employs more than 100 people and has experienced around 17.8% growth at the revenue from 2017 to 2018. JCR is pleased to be a certified minority business enterprise and get the ranking on the list, after beginning in 1982 with a garage full of equipment, plenty of hardworking labourers as well as raw determination.

President Warner Cruz explained that it was a real honour to be ranked among the Crain’s 2019 list of the biggest minority-owner businesses of Chicago. They worked harder to get the growth every single year, and that was the most wonderful validation for not only their whole staff but also for their Hispanic/Latino ownership, as well as his family legacy. Warner Cruz also said that the J.C. Restoration worked harder to do right by its customers in the area of disaster restoration. To be familiar there at home in Chicago was quite rewarding.

Crain’s list of Chicago’s largest minority-owned businesses is ranked by the year 2018 revenue and includes more information on the employment headcounts, revenue growth percentages, majority owners, and the specific minority group of owners. A 2019 fact sheet from the United States Small Business Administration that is based on the Census Bureau’s Survey of Entrepreneurs, reveals an 11% increment in the entire amount of minority-owned businesses with the employees between 2014 and 2016, and also notes that African American owned businesses had the biggest percentage of the female owners.

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