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How the Austin Texas Startup Culture Is Still Leading the Tech Industry

Vincent Nyoike



Some of the companies operating in Austin, Texas include Apple, Dell, Google and other technology startups. For this cause, it is nicknamed Silicon Valley, with many other startups rising every day. But why are tech startups thriving well?

The presence of many universities makes it a socially liberal city. The annual SXSW and the University of Texas are the significant contributors to Texas being a tech hub. The presence of universities acts as a center of innovation and research that helps to accelerate innovation of the latest tech. Their presence attracts tech experts from different parts of the world. This being a Silicon Ranch, customers and investors are aware of where they can get quality tech where they buy them. Thus, it attracts entrepreneurs to establish tech startups in Austin, Texas.

Also, the city is known for its unique music scene, which makes up Austin’s barn building ethos since the 19th century. Music attracts people from different backgrounds especially the youth with innovative ideas regarding startups. The presence of musicians is also a contributing factor to Austin Texas’s growth as a tech hub. Most of these musicians work in tech firms, which makes their fans wish to try products from those firms. Music and tech are intertwined since both require a lot of creativity. Therefore, Austin being a music place, to brings a powerful combination that attracts people from all over the world.

Besides, in Austin, people have access to capital and people live like in a community where they are willing to help each other. People want to come and enjoy the perks of this great city while the residents are very welcoming. This makes foreigners comfortable to settle and establish startups.

The hippie-cum-hipster mentality that Austin is welcoming makes it a hotbed for tech. Texans are known to love their sermons, which they can wait for 3 to 5 hours. They are willing to contributing their resources and ideas to promote startups. Due to the high influx of many folks to the city for learning purposes means that people are eager to help recruits.

Nevertheless, the culture of weirdness and trust in Austin promotes entrepreneurship. Austin is a religiously tolerant city with weird people and weird ideas. Tolerance is a significant factor that attracts talent and builds creativity. Tolerance to different ideas leads to innovation due to the presence of educated, diverse and liberal people — integration of different ideas blends, leading to the establishment of successful startups. Austin’s culture does not allow people to judge others on material success. The students and the hippies don’t mind if you are rich or poor, as long as you can bring your unique self to the party.

Austin, Texas is known for its tech and it is developing the most recent tech and every that you possibly ever want or need. The city befits the personality of the residents and its culture of entrepreneurship and technology development.

Vincent is an experienced journalist from Kenya. He has a keen focus in finance, tech, and health news.

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