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XTM v12.3 Features More Intelligent Automation than Before

Shahina Khatun



XTM International, leading enterprise developers of the cloud-based translation management system, has made an announcement today on the release of new XTMv12.3. XTM is a driving enhanced user experience designed for project manager and translators. With the latest version XTM now provides localization stakeholders and it will support for. Ai files,EPS. and advanced machine translation analytics. The redesign has integrated Xbench, RIGI and security setting to help and connect technology stacks.

XTM has brought significant changes and enhancements to visual file translation, translation efficiency, project management aiming to make the translation process streamlined. Intelligent automation technologies will be more efficient to do more with less for companies.

More specifically, this new release will enable users to:

● Efficiently translate visual content such asas.EPS and .AI files

The new version of XTMsupports.EPS and .AI file formats. So, automated parsing of print-ready artwork is now possible.

● Increase productivity with AI- in lines

With the latest release users can translate source segments with inline tags asswiftly as if inline elements were inserted automatically into target segments.

● Integrate with Xbench and Rigi

This integration with Xbench and MS Word spelling checker enables users to assureadditional quality inside XTM Workbench.

● Increase efficiency and file security

Project managers will experience additional automation with flexible cost settings and streamlined due to date management with improved filtering in the advanced search.

● Gain insights into the quality

Advanced MT performance data will empower project managers to select the best-performing MT engine and assess its effect on their linguists’ efficiency further.

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