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Welotec and Kalkitech Extending Their Partnership for the Energy Transition

Shahina Khatun



The world energy transition is experiencing its most significant challenges. In the coming years, all T&D companies will have to incorporate DER (distributed energy resources) and eMobility into their grids. This incorporation of distributed assets on the supply and the demand side of the grid requires a Smart Grid at the same time.

Regardless of the type and model of interface or protocol they use, all these distributed assets can easily be converted and transmitted and processed by the combined solutions from Kalkitech and Welotech with the focus on the consumers from European regions.

For DSO’s, a Smart LV substation monitoring solution is offered by partnership, with some extended features for grid scaling and the possibility to work directly as a SAS gateway for those distribution substations.

And for TSO’s, the solution has offered advanced tools for Substation Assets health monitoring with an incorporated SAS gateway for substations transmission.

Customers are facing challenges of this energy transition as it is very critical for customers to have real-time visibility on all of their remaining assets in the grid. SyncConnect and station computers have enabled DSO’s and TSO’s to archive those facilities easily.

Kalitech takes its pride, offering customers with cutting edge building applications to improve their lives. The Vice President of the company states in a briefing that they are very excited to announce the Welotec products gateway validating SyncConnect edge software work completion. He hopes that the software will allow their consumers to improve energy and advance operational efficiency in Smart Energy and Smart building software.

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