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WasteTrakr Cannabis Clients Diverted Nearly Three Tons of Waste to Recycling in 2019

Shahina Khatun



WasteTrakr is glad to announce that in the abbreviated 2019, the WasteTrakr SaaS reporting software recorded around three tons of cannabis waste which had been converted from the landfills. These are redirected to certified organic waste recycling facilities. Within first six months of operation, the WasteTrack software determined the footprint of carbon savings to become 2.38 metric tons that are equivalent to eliminating two cars from the road for a year.

The COO of WasteTrakr Technologies, named Steve Peterson, said that they were excited to have a fascinating impact on their environment within a short-term period in their history as a company. Their goal at the WasteTrakr was to aid the cannabis industry in meeting the goals for sustainability and reduce the quantity of filling their landfills. Steven also said that they appreciated the efforts of agencies that had mandated a 75% organic recycling rate. Through tracking cannabis waste via transportation to the recycling site or disposal, the WasteTrakr software is a good platform to assist in reducing the quantity of cannabis reaching the black markets that are still notably impacting the licensed cannabis industry.

By the end of 2025, the global marijuana market is expected to reach more than $60 billion. Businesses that invested in sustainability will increase their brand value while adopting a greener future. The cannabis businesses have a bright chance to make a difference as the industry progresses.

WasteTrack Technologies Inc. has made its partnership with the leading waste and the recycling companies to provide total transparency in the management of the hemp and cannabis waste.

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