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Voyage raises $31 million in order to bring driverless taxis

Aaron Ross



Voyage driverless cars startup

We have seen that autonomous cars are seen as one of the hottest commodities in this day and age. The likes of Google and Apple have been trying to launch its driverless car service. Apart from that, we know Tesla’s autopilot feature is proving to be handy when it comes to taking the hands off the steering wheel. Now, a new report by TechCrunch reveals that the autonomous vehicle startup, Voyage, which came out of Udacity has raised $31 Million in a round of funding which was led by Franklin Templeton.

It is also known that Khosla Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures as well as Chevron Technology Ventures had also participated in this round. Voyage is known to be operating a ride-hailing service in retirement communities. Although it is an autonomous service, we know that its self-driving cars are supported by human safety drivers. Since 2017, Voyage has raised $52 million which includes this latest round of funding as well.

The report adds that Voyage’s CEO has some major plans including “hiring and expanding its fleet of self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans, which always have a human safety driver behind the wheel.” In addition, Voyage’s CEO Oliver Cameron says that he wants to turn Voyage into a “truly driverless and profitable ride-hailing company.” He also adds that “It’s not just about solving self-driving technology,” As far as talking about how many cars Voyage will add to its fleet, Cameron didn’t reveal the exact numbers but said that it will be a “nice jump that will allow us to serve consumers.”

Cameron also added that “It won’t be the most cost-effective vehicle ever made because the industry still is in its infancy, but it will be a huge, huge, huge improvement over our G2 vehicle in terms of being able to scale out a commercial service and make money on each ride,” talking about their “driverless product” which will be limited to just 25 miles per hour.

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