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Vietnam Changes its Healthcare Facilities by Incorporating Digitalization

Shahina Khatun



Vietnam has digitalized its healthcare services and it is experiencing a positive outcome everywhere. In a recent white paper has been revealed that this digitalization has made it possible to empower patients, change and improve clinical results, lessen costs on various services. According to the white paper, the procedure is now more effective in this current situation. Ministry of Health of Vietnam is utilizing digital platforms to spread awareness and to inform people about COVID-19.

Failing to meet up the increasing demand for modern health care and financial policies in public hospitals Vietnam decided to incorporate digitalization. Private hospitals have also given importance to being more digitalized to stay ahead in the competition and maintain their reputation.

While many other countries have already gone a long way with the digitalization process and leveraging it, in Vietnam it’s in its early phase. Though it is a novel idea to the public and private hospitals are already adapting various aspects to improve their service quality and develop their value.

This Digital transition has also affected the Pharmaceutical Industry of Vietnam in educating and engaging patients and professionals. The government is now monitoring drug dispense more effectively. All the pharmacies are already pushed to incorporate an electronic database which will be monitored by the government.

In a recently conveyed survey report, it is suggested to develop a strategy based on digital healthcare. This strategy should be formulated prioritizing the general needs of patients and stockholders so that it can help to modify the health care condition in Vietnam.

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