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Urologist, Dr. Natan Davoudzadeh Joins New York Health

Shahina Khatun



New York Health is now proud to declare that Dr. Natan Davoudzadeh, a board-certified urologist and an esteemed person has joined to their team. Dr. Natan is a urological surgeon who is focusing on treating several diseases of the genitourinary tract which can severely affect both male and female patients. Besides, his present practice at the New York Health, Dr. Natan has also got offices in the Forest Hills of New York and also in Lawrence of New York. Besides, he has an extensive experience in treating the urologic cancers and for this, he uses the most advanced minimally invasive tactics.

Dr. Natan is very skilled to deal with the prostate, tactical and kidney tumors and some of the urologic conditions that he commonly treats are kidney stone disease, hematuria and overactive bladder. Joining the Health team of New York is what he was anticipating eagerly. Dr. Natan sees this as a great chance to work as a group with other specialists to offer the best care to the patients. He said tht he had the opportunity to work with his colleagues with massive experience who were truly experts in each of their respective zones and that would only increase the kind of care which they could provide to their patients. He hoped to be able to move forward the experience through several cutting-edge researches along with innovations.

He takes a permissive approach to treat his patients and aid them to understand all the things. He added that he cared for every patient like they had been his own family member and he truly believed that the health of his patients was the most important task and he worked diligently each and every day.

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