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Uber-owned JUMP pulls its bikes from a number of markets

Aaron Ross



JUMP bikes

In recent times, there have been a lot of startups that focus on the electric bike segment. As we have seen that the trend of going electric is increasing day-by-day, people like to commute with the help of electric vehicles as well. One of the best examples for setting the trend of electric vehicles is Tesla which has successfully managed to gain thousands of customers who are using the vehicles on a daily basis.

However, affordability is one of the main concerns regarding electric cars at the moment. This means that we need to have something that can be used by masses. For this, Uber-owned JUMP’s bikes came in very handy. You could rent as well as hire electric bikes from JUMP in various markets around the world. However, JUMP has hit a major roadblock as it has to pull its bikes from various markets due to opposition from lawmakers.

JUMP has issued a statement saying that “We understand this may have a huge impact on your day-to-day commuting and we regret the fact that we can no longer provide this service to you,” in an email sent to the San Diego customers using JUMP bikes.

Uber spokesperson also told TechCrunch that “We agree with local elected officials in San Diego who’ve said current micromobility regulations foster an unsustainable operating environment, which is why we’re ending our operations as of today,” and added that “We look forward to working with the city to develop more sensible regulations.”. San Diego is not the first market where JUMP has had to pull its bikes from, however, as we have seen JUMP pulling its bikes from other markets too.

Recently, an Uber spokesperson said that “We are winding down our current JUMP e-bike operations in Atlanta,” “We will continue to offer JUMP scooters and look forward to continuing conversations with city leaders on how we can work together to expand transportation options.”

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