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True Crime Story – Indefensible: Release, cast, trailer, and more info




True Crime Story: Indefensible is an American tv series. The tv show is a crime documentary. The show’s second season will premiere on the streaming platform SundanceTV or AMC+. The release date of the show is on the 27th of October.

What is the show Indefensible about?

The show is a crime documentary series. The show features lots of crime stories. They are visible through the unique and mind-bending perspective of the host. The stories are personal accounts of crime victims and the judicial system. One of the stories in the show is Devonia Inman. Inman came out of jail after 23 years of wrongful imprisonment.

The host travels all around the country to explore cases. We don’t find the accused after each episode. But we find a new perspective on crime. The host also shows the underlying problems of the judicial system. The host uses her unique comedic and fearless perspective to question everything.

Who is in the cast of Indefensible?

The main host of the show is Jena Friedman. She is an American comedian. However, she is also an Academy Award-nominated writer and WGA winner of Borat 2. She was very much interested in working on the show. Also, she said that she wanted to shed light on the injustices of our system. The show’s executive producers include Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, and Anneka Jones.

What is the review of Indefensible?

The IMBd rating of the show is a staggering 7 out of 10. It is a very good rating for a crime show. Jena has also done a fantastic job as a host. People loved it very much. The show’s writing is very clever. The direction is also very nice.

Is the trailer available?

Yes. the trailer of Indefensible is available to watch. You can watch it on Youtube.

The show is a must-watch for crime enthusiasts. It has both comedy and mystery.

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