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These Blood Markers May Indicate a Higher Risk of Death and Diseases

Shahina Khatun



A newer study has suggested that a few readings from regular blood tests can aid to identify the people who are at higher risk of diseases and even those ones which are related to death. Doctors are now using those readings as the markers of the immune condition and the inflammation. The scientists analyzed the 12 years data from 31,178 individuals in National health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The investigators found that the people who have lower levels of the lymphocytes will likely to die from cancer, heart diseases or several respiratory illness like pneumonia and influenza. Lymphocyte is a type of white blood cells.

The analysis showed that the relation between low lymphocytes and higher risk of the disease and death didn’t vary that much with the age as well as other common risk factors. However, the prediction is that the low lymphocyte count is increased when the scientists added 2 additional measures of the blood abnormality. One of them is related to the inflammation while other is the ability to maintain a supply of RBC (red blood cells).

The author named Jarrod E. Dalton, Ph.D. said that the scientists had gone to a great length as well as expense to develop novel biomarkers to identify the people at the highest risk for the disease and death.

In the study, he along with the colleagues have remarked on increasing the availability of the drugs that can target the immune system to treat the established diseases. The treatment can either boost or reduce the immune activity of the individual.

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