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“The Wine Show” Makes Its Debut in The US With The Third Season!



The Wine Show Season 3


“The Wine Show” is an innovative and practical study of the world of wine. Featuring short films on a variety of wine-related topics ranging from wine fraud to food matching. Running through the series is a special feature on Italy as the two presenters visit locations around Italy in order to find a case of wine that represents what Italy is about.

The show stars actors Joe Fattorini, Matthew Goode, and Matthew Rhys and will premiere in the US on Thursday, July 29, 2021, on Sundance.

Amelia heads across the US and Joe heads to Thailand, while the boys travel the length of Portugal. New star sommelier Charlotte Wilde takes you to The Azores and we answer the question, who really invented sparkling wine? All this and more on Series Three of The Wine Show.

The team will be further complemented by US wine stars Andre Mack and Jermaine Stone, London-based head brewer Jaega Wise and UK wine expert Charlotte Wilde. Existing resident wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer will also be returning.  The series also features Thai food guru Kay Plunkett-Hogge as well as Jermaine Stone, aka The Wolf of Wine and host of the hit Hip Hop Wine podcast. Also making a guest appearance is star sommelier Andre Mack.

The show will be made available exclusively on Sundance Now, Amazon Prime, and Acorn TV.


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