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The Undeclared War Season 1: Release date, Star cast, Trailer, and all other details



The Undeclared War

The new cyber-thriller series The Undeclared War is coming to the US. Peacock will start premiering the six-episode series on the 18th of August.

What is the Synopsis of The Undeclared War Season 1?

The new political cyber-thriller series is in the post-pandemic UK. The series also follows a run-up to the 2024 General elections.

The series follows a team of computer science professionals at the Government Communications HQ. Also, they must protect Britain by warding off an escalating number of cyber attacks.

What is the Star cast of The Undeclared War Season 1?

The lead of the show is a newcomer and an upcoming star Hannah Khalique-Brown as Saara. The series has talented actors like Simon Pegg, the funny guy in Mission Impossible. Also other actors include Mark Rylance from Dunkirk and Bridge of Spies. They round up the main cast.

Other actors and actresses include Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Edward Holcroft, and Adrian Lester.

However, some notable people from the cast are Alex Jennings, Kerry Godliman, German Segal, and Joss Porter.

We also have Peter Kominsky as the writer and director of the series. He is best known for his Emmy-winning adaptation of Wolf Hall, the best-selling novel.

What is the general review of the Undeclared War Season 1?

The general review for the series is positive. However, people are praising it for its direction and music. Rotten Tomatoes has also posted positive reviews about the series with a rating of 5.5/10.

Is the trailer for The Undeclared War Season 1 available to watch?

Yes, the trailer for the Undeclared War Season 1 is available on YouTube. Watch it now.

In addition, you can watch it on Peacock’s official channel as well.

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