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The SaaSy People Has Announced the Launch of Its Support as a Service Offering

Shahina Khatun



Today, the SaaSy people has announced the beginning of its UK based Support as the Service offering. The SaaSy People works with the SaaS (Software as a Service) companies and looks to differentiate the experience of their customers by giving top class customer support. With the SaaSy People, the companies can focus on expanding their business while SaaSy People amuse their present customer base. Along with that, SaaSy People can also take care of the onboarding of newer customers to make sure the end-users get a fascinating 1st impression and also are able to recognize the value of the services of the companies quickly.

The Founder and Director of SaaSy People named Reece Couchman said that they were there to mention the most common problems that several SaaS companies had experienced while keeping their concentration on expanding their business. Reece also said that by making the partnership with them, companies were able to supply top class customer support without headache of establishing the processes as well as teams. Their unique approach allowed them to onboard newer companies within few weeks so that they could focus on improving their business.

In these years, the experience of the customers is continuing to get the importance to sustain the growth of the business. A fully satisfied customer contributes around 2.6 times more revenue than a somewhat satisfied customer and is around 14 times greater than dissatisfied customer. SaaSy People are in an excellent position to assist the satisfaction level of the customers, and also help the companies to differentiate themselves from the competitors.

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