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The Photonics Group Named Exclusive US and Canadian Distributor of the Lasersafe PC Software

Shahina Khatun



The Lasersafe PC is now one of the most leading laser safety software that builds laser safety calculations under the code – 21CFR1040.10/11, ANSI Z136 as well as IEC EN60825 for the point and the extended sources, diffuse reflections, fiber optics, LED guidance and scanning. It produces the color coded hazard results for the skin and eye exposure which is appropriate spectacle and the specifications for filtering, in depth analysis for the calculation, details to determine classification as well as to specify an appropriate signage and labeling.

The owner of G.L. Services named Jim Webb as well as creator of the Lasersafe PC software is quite excited. He said that the Photonics Group was a leader in the full service consulting engineering in the Photonics. He also said that their reputation in the innovation in the space was much unmatched as well as a perfect partner to receive the Lasersafe PC in the hands of Photonics community across the Canada and US.

The President named Scott Wohlstein said that after the intensive search to search the best solution for laser safety to utilize in their work, and they had found the Lasersafe PC to have the features and the functionality unmatched in industry. The software not only walked through the users and showed that in standard as well as regulations was used in that process. Since they started in the year of 1980, they had never offered any sales except for their services, but were such users and fans of the Lasersafe PC which it made sense and was a natural fit for them.

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