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The Old Man: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast, and much more



The Old Man

FY is bringing new series to the town. The Old Man is going to be an unexceptional adventurous, and thrilling movie. Don’t forget to watch it on FY from June 16.

Who all are starring in the series, The Old Man?

The series includes some of the amazing star cast. We will see Jeff Bridges in the role of Dan Chase. His character is a former CIA agent. His character tries to stay off-grid. We will also see John Lithgow in the role of Harold Harper.

He is the CIA officer who tries to hunt Dan Chase down. We will also see Gbenga Akinnagbe, Alia Shawkat, and E.J. Bonilla will playing the characters of CIA officials.

We will also see Amy Brenneman in the role of Zoe. She is playing the role of an ordinary woman but gets clung to thrilling experiences. We will also see Leem Lubany, Bill Heck, and Pej Vahdat.

What is the plot of the upcoming series The Old Man releasing on FX?

The series takes reference from the best-seller novel, “The Old Man” by Thomas Perry, based on a former employee of the CIA. The protagonist of the series is Dan Chase. It’s been decades since he left the CIA.

He was living an off-the-grid life. But, suddenly, nothing remains the same when an assassin tries to aggravate Chase. He gets the idea that he has to reconcile with the past. Dan Chase coming out put the FBI in action.

FBI wants to hunt him down due to its past relationship with sensitive information. So, they appoint Harold Harper for the job. But, it is hard to bring Chase down. With his experience and services offered to the CIA, he is not easy to get apprehended. So, the authorities will then appoint a trained special ops contractor to pursue Chase.

Is the trailer for the series The Old Man releasing on FX on June 16 out yet?

Yes, the trailer is out on all streaming platforms. The trailers showcase the protagonist in full action. And also shows glimpses of the past, future, and finiteness of time.

The trailer holds thrilling and mysterious pursuit of who the protagonist is running away from.

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