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The Mini Plus Evolution from the Superfici America is the Next Evolution in the Automated Spray Finishing

Shahina Khatun



The Superfici America named Mini Evolution boasts gigantic finishing potential with smaller footprint. Besides it was engineered to provide cost effective solution to other smaller businesses by enabling them to get the similar quality and consistency to finish the provided by other larger automated spray machines.

The owner of the Advanced Millwork Components and Installation named Richard Thompson said that since they had been growing, they had seen a need to search for a better finish solution to aid them to process their parts in an efficient manner and to receive a consistent finish. He added that having smaller shop space had been a bigger concern for them, and when they began looking, the had researched various options from other manufacturers but none of those had med the needs. He also said that they had looked at Mini Spray Machine, and that had fit their space and had given them what they wanted in features and had allowed them to control the schedule and to fit their entire budget.

Mini boasts smaller footprint to get fitted in every working environment though, it also offers a working width of 51 inches and a perfectly closed circuit for the applications delivery by allowing for the rapid changes in color. The on-board Opti-Spray software usually controls all the machine parameters including real time production reports and storage of up to 100 recipes. The closing and opening of the guns are set to the automatic according to the data scanned by laser reader bar at infeed.

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