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The Lake: Release Date, Trailers, Star Cast, Plot, and other details



The Lake

Amazon is back with another comic series, The Lake, releasing on June 17, 2022. Julian Doucet is the creator of the series. Michael Souther, Teza Lawrence with Julian are producing the series.

What is the plot of the series, The Lake on Amazon Prime?

The hilarious series includes some of the funniest comic stars. The story begins with our protagonist Justin. He is recently divorced. He tries to bond with her daughter, Billie, who he gave up for adoption. The daughter is biracial.

Justin tries to spend some time in peace until he meets her step-sister. Things become funnier when he founds out that his parent left her the family cottage. Justin will try his way out to take the cottage from her. And this will push him farther from his step-sister.

The members of the family will have a hard time accepting and fitting in with each other. But, viewers will have a great time watching this family mishap comic series.

Who all are starring in the upcoming Canadian comedy series, The Lake on Amazon Prime?

The cast of The Lake includes Jordan Gravis in the role of Justin. In addition, we will see Julian Stiles in the character of Maisy-May. She is the step sister.

There will be Madison Shamoun in the role of Billie. We will also see Terry Chen, Travis Nelson, Natalie Lisinska, Jon Dore, Declan Whaley, and Carolyn Scott.

Is the trailer for the upcoming series The Lake releasing on Amazon Prime June 17 out yet?

Yes, the trailer is already out. It highlights the revengeful trial between two siblings. It is over the cottage and brings more laughter with weird games and tug of war.

The trailer also details keeping your “enemies close” and “families even closer”. The series will highlight the love one family shares.

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