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The Initiative of ‘Days for Girls International’ against the COVID-19 Crisis

Shahina Khatun



“Days for Girls International” is a global nonprofit organization or community which is devoted to ensuring safe menstrual health for both the women and the girls world-wide. At present, this welfare institution has taken a noble initiative for sewing millions of face masks in order to prevent the COVID-19 crisis.

Formerly, the members of this agency are habituated to sew menstrual washable pads, but at this moment, they are requested earnestly through their email and phone lines to stitch face masks which will be delivered to the medical employees and patients across the world. Hence, in this regard, the organization has decided to meet global demand.

As ‘Days for Girls’ has a worldwide network consisting of more than 70,000 volunteers and 150 social enterprises who are now called for Masks4Millions campaign in order to contribute in producing millions of face masks.

The public health organization of the United States “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” ( CDC)suggests that to using facemasks so that both the medical personnel and the patients across the world can be safe from COVID-19. Therefore, the global menstrual health organization, Days for GirlsInternational, has made a commitment to supply the adequate number of facemasks in order to aid humanity.

Celeste Mergens, the CEO and founder of the mentioned institution, has stated that public health and safety are given supreme importance in their foundation and their volunteers and the other social enterprises are very dedicated and passionate to sew masks to prevent COVID-19 crisis. So, we would like to extol “Days for Girls International” noble attempt in this crucial moment.

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