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The End is Nye: Release, Cast, Review, Trailer, and a lot more…



The End is Nye

The show, The End is Nye is a remarkable description of global disasters. It takes us on a journey among these disasters.

What is the release date of The End is Nye?

The show will premiere on Peacock. The starting date is August 25, 2022, from Thursday. The air time of the show starts at 3:01 AM.

Who is in the cast of the show?

Bill Nye is the lead presenter of the show. Brannon Braga is the co-creator, director, and executive producer of the show. The show is co-created by Seth MacFarlane. Executive producers include Bill Nye himself. Other producers are Erica Huggins and Seth MacFarlane.

Though Bill Nye is the lead host, many other people will feature on the show. They include Joanna Mandap, Isabella Astbury, and Malik Bouabid. Some more people are Willow Astbury, Zag Dorison, and MacFarlane.

What is the synopsis of the show?

The show is an intense science documentary series. Bill Nye, also known as the Science Guy, will host the show. Bill Nye has won an Emmy award. So, he is a very popular and special person.

Peacock, the streaming platform, released the synopsis of the show. It says that Bill Nye will take you on a journey of the biggest global disasters. The show will then use science to help us stop it. Finally, the show will show us the way to save ourselves.

The series will show six disasters. Bill Nye will cover six major cities. The cities are Tokyo, Mexico, London, LA, Rio, and NY. There is no doubt that the show is knowledgeable.

What is the review of the show?

This is a science documentary series. There can be a general review and a scientific review of the facts. The show is world-class without a doubt.

Is the trailer of the show available?

Yes. The trailer of the show is available on YouTube.

You can also watch the trailer on the official channel of Peacock.

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