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The Contribution of BEQUANT Firm on the Report of BRI

Shahina Khatun



BEQUANT is a major brokerage firm launched in London. It is one of the world-class platforms for specialized digital asset investors and institutions. Recently this agency has taken an enterprise to make commentary and to explain the industry closely on the report of Blockchain Research Institute (BRI).BEQUANT will deliver and distribute the reports which are compiled by Blockchain Research Institute on various social media pages. Among them –‘Medium’ is the leading.

BRI research can be accessible to the public with some restrictions when it is accessible to the BRI members at least six months later.

The attempt of BEQUANT can be able to look into the activities of the different industries that are connected to explore digital assets and blockchain. For this reason, the readers will be benefitted by getting update information and situation about the globe. They can also read the past reports of BRI and gain an initial idea about the digital asset.

At present, BEQUANT has started two new business units. They are- BEQUANT Prime Brokerage and BEQUANT Prime Solutions. The activities of the former business unit are ensuring secure management, providing custody, and building up a relationship with digital asset investors. The later are working for delivering an influential digital asset technology group, for example- trading terminals, cross-border compliance, and matching engines.

BEQUANT CEO George Zarya has opined that they feel very much pleasure to work with the skillful leaders of the digital asset and can provide to their clients best reports made by the Blockchain Research Institute(BRI) collaborated with their modified analysis.

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