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The Big Brunch: Release, cast, synopsis, trailer, and All You Need to Know!



The Big Brunch

The Big Brunch is an American TV show. It is a cooking show. The show showcases the various facets of American cuisine. The show will also have its premiere on the famous streaming platform, HBO Max. The release date of the show is on the 9th of November, 2022.

What is The Big Brunch about?

The Big Brunch is a cooking show. To add some flavor to it, the show also adds one whole tablespoon of competition as well. The show wants to rediscover the culinary voices present in America. For this, they bring in 10 different chefs from different places. They bring in different styles of food to the table.

The chefs participate to win a 300,000 dollar prize. This money will also help them with their future business endeavors. With the ongoing competition, the chefs will share their life stories and love for food. However, they will try to describe their emotions through food as well. The show strives to connect with the audiences through food.

Who is in the cast of The Big Brunch?

Dan Levy is going to be the host of the show. Dan Levy is famous for Schitt’s Creek as well. Other judges that are going to be part of the show are Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara. They will maintain a positive attitude throughout the show. The competition can make the show tense. The judges also make sure that everyone is jolly and relaxed. With this, they can deliver their best as contestants.

Dan Levy is the sole creator of The Big Brunch. However, the executive producers of the show include Dan Levy himself. Other executive producers include Andrew Fried, Dane Lillegard, Sarina Roma, and Faye Stapleton. The show will premiere with its first three episodes.

Is the trailer available?

Yes. The trailer of The Big Brunch is available. You can also watch the trailer on the official youtube channel of HBO Max.

This show is for foodies. The people who love cooking should watch this show.

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