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That Dirty Black Bag: Trailer, Release Date, Star Cast, and others



That Dirty Black Bag

AMC is back with another delving series, “That Dirty Black Bag”. It features the western genre. The trailer is out featuring Dominic Cooper.

What is the synopsis of That Dirty Black Bag?

The series will feature a western adventure and horror-mystery series. The series also wrapped up filming today in Almeria, Spain. Directed by Mauro Aragoni, viewers can expect only the best. It is co-scripted with Silvia Ebreul. Fabio Paladini and Marcello Izzo from the BRON Studion. The Italian Indie Palomar will also be a part.

The story is about a deserted world. The scorched atmosphere features scarce resources. It will also focus on the daily struggle of the residents. With men and the world in a collision, the viewers will witness an epic clash.

Who is starring in the upcoming series, “That Dirty Black Bag”?

The series includes some of the great actors and actresses. Dominic Cooper will be McCoy. We saw him in Band of Brothers. Douglas Booth will be in the role of Red Bill. He has outdone himself in the Jupiter Ascending. Christian Cooke from Love Rosie will also be in the role of Steve. Lorenzo McGovern Zaini wil be Dorian. Rose Williams from Medici and Reigns will play the character of Symone.

Veronica Alvarado Kraemer will be Lise. Also, Caroline Tillette will be Susan. Ruby Krammers will be Wanda. The others will include Jacopo Rampini as Jona. He was famous for his role in Halston. However, it also has Victor Calero as Derek.

That Dirty Black Bag Scene

Tommaso Di Marco, Nicolo Pasetti, Eugene Brave Rock, Ivan Shaw, Benjamin Stender, Matt Patresi, Joseph C. Phillips, Gaia Scodellaro, Sofia Pauly, Simon Rizzoni, Simon Delaney, and Hoji Fortuna are also in the cast.

Is the trailer for That Dirty Black Bag out yet?

Yes, the trailer is available for the viewers to look at. However, the first look highlights the role of Dominic Cooper as a Preacher. He is a small-town sheriff.

The raw epic series will showcase the dark side of the Far West. It features the story of a hunter.

You can enjoy the series on AMC from 10th March 2022.

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