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Tecman Has Promised to Donate 1000 Face Shields Every Week

Shahina Khatun



The COVID-19 pandemic has brought down a critical situation for everyone. With a quite high contamination rate,the virus is spreading like wildfire. Countries and cities are being locked down and people are maintaining social distance to stop the coronavirus from spreading. Now, doctors and medical professionals can’t avoid the risk that easies as they have to test and take care of an affected person. They require various protective equipment like face shields, gloves and masks to protect themselves as well as their patients and to avert further spread of infection.

People who are also working outside of the home for national emergency or importance need this equipment too. As a result, there is an unprecedented necessity and demand for PPE or personal protection equipment. Suppliers are struggling to meet the demand. Moreover, this demand has created a worldwide shortage of PPE. So, healthcare professionals and their patients are at risk.

Recently, Tecman Advanced Healthcare Products has promised to donate over 1000 visors every week. Tecman is manufacturing lightweight and disposable face shields to ensure maximum protection and comfort. These visors will be available in mid-April after going through rigorous testing.

Kevin Porter, a technical director of Tecman, stated that this is the time they are working to protect healthcare professionals to slow down the spread of COVID-19. In order to that, they are focusing on creating an efficient and faultless product with considerable safety. Their Protective visors will be manufactured to CE standards and NHS will be satisfied with their quality.

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