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TechFlow Mentored Joint Venture Has Secured a Coveted Spot on the $13B SBEAS Contract

Shahina Khatun



TechFlow is a forward thinking digital services solution company and a logistics company which today has announced that a TechFlow mentored joint venture named Shearwater Mission Support, LLC, was given award a coveted seat on the $3B Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions also called SBEAS contract. The SBEAS is a variety of award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract which provides a vehicle for the United States Air Force customers to approach a wide range of the Information Technology Network Centric services as well as solutions which support the IT lifecycle. The SBEAS has replaced the previous

The Vice President of the Digital Services named Glenn Doughty said that winning that contract streamlines the entire process for the TechFlow and the Shearwater Systems, LLC to give the United Air Force with the capability to tap to their industry leading better practices as well as unique solutions for modernizing as well as updating the system. He also added that they were quite excited to deliver the proven and innovative Digital Services solutions to meet all the demands that are faced by their Air Force customers.

The SBEAS family of the contracts also includes the IT products, infrastructure and network operations and also the applications services. The contract has 10 year ordering duration as well as a 15 year execution duration of performance. The scope of IDIQ also includes the inclusive suite of the IT services as well as solutions to support the IT systems and the software development in several of infrastructures and environments.

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