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Tata Group, LinkedIn Among Firms Adopting Neuro Research Marketing

Shahina Khatun



Tata Group, Mars, Vodafone, LinkedIn and Kimberly Clark are adopting the neuro research to gauge the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and packaging – said by the Nielsen consumer neurosciences president named Joe Willke. Instead of the emailed or verbal responses, this neuroscience research technique basically collects the data from the respondents by facial coding as well as the brain recordings in specialized labs. It involves those respondents who are paid for signing up for the research after which they get the invitation to the Nielsen lab that collects the data from them via facial coding, brain mapping and biometrics. Neuromarketing is basically a marketing communication that applies the entire neuropsychology to the marketing research.

After paying a visit to India, Willke said that India is currently one of the top five markets where people are adopting the market research based on the neuroscience given the high potentiality of more than billion consumers. Besides he added that the companies are also increasingly including the neuroscience research in addition to the traditional research for the marketing purposes. The former threw up totally accurate findings as that was non-verbal. India is one of the biggest markets in which has been adopting several newer technologies at a faster rate. He concluded by saying that the costs which would be involved in the specialized research, were coming down with the scale, and the packaged consumer goods companies had been the earliest and largest adopters of this neuro research data. However, they had declined to divulge the specific names and cite confidentially clauses.

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