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Swift Services Has Declared the Swift Sales Assessment Platform

Shahina Khatun



Swift Service, a consulting and recruitment agency that deals with contractors to build businesses through unique planning and systems, has recently inaugurated the Swift Sales Assessment Platform. This platform is a pre-employment monitoring solution, and it is designed to help ceiling contractors specify key indicators of sales during the procedure.

As sales representatives don’t stay, hiring is a continuous process, and holding these new hires is somewhat tedious. To solve this problem, Swift Services has developed the system to turn hiring processes into a more effective and efficient one. It will also help to hold existing employees.

Swift has been working with roofing contractors to develop a system to ensure contractors are getting the right reps and providing a training plan for each of them.

The Swift Sales Assessment Platform features some extraordinary service. Like it will let roofing contractors enhance the experience of their candidates by white-labeling the test. Besides, the contractors can have an automatic grading system, which will be based on different key performance indicators. It will also make it possible for contractors to hire SR without even a recruiting expert. 

Citing the newly presented system leverage for their client, The CEO of Swift Service stated that the platform offers the best systemic approach to their client to recruit and retain the best SR. In his opinion, such service is on-demand, and roofing contractors will be largely benefitted from it. Though the whole system is first of its kind, it will soon make their clients’ life easier.

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