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Summer Heat: Release date, Trailer, Plot, Star Cast, and other updates



Summer Heat

Netflix brings in another youth show with fun, friendship, and love. The show will bring in the heartfelt and emotional relationship between young adults. The freezing January will melt away with the secrets from the summer heat.

Who are all starring in Netflix’s new series Summer Heat?

The Summer Heat will feature young Brazilian actors. Giovanna Lancellotti as Catarina. Gabz as Yasmin. André Luiz Frambach will play Miguel. Giovanna Rispoli will play the character of Helena. Leonardo Bittencourt will be Rodrigo. Mayana Neiva will play Vilma. The other cast members are Jorge López, Felipe Rocha, Maicon Rodrigues.

Summer Heat Cast

What is the plot of Summer Heat?

Netflix’s new series will feature the life of youngsters living at a paradisiac resort. Their unforgettable summer. However, they will discover different colors of the rainbow. The show will also shock the viewers with devastating secrets.

The cast is working on the beachside resort. It will also highlight the strong emotions youngsters face. The struggle to grow old will marinate the viewers. All the characters have some secrets. Also, it will come out as the show proceeds.

We will see them fighting for a balance in life. The series is going to be a thrilling but sweet ride. Also, it is going to release on Netflix on January 21, 2022. It will air at 12 pm PT/3 Am ET.

Is the trailer for the series out?

The trailer starts with a few youngsters getting brief. They are new recruits at Paradisiac resort. It takes a deep turn when the owner gets arrested. The devastating secret starts popping up. The characters get closer to each other. Some fall in love. Others are revealing secrets to the other recruits. It no longer looks like work. The series will also make you feel like a short getaway. With the owner gone, how will the recruits behave?

Watch the series to get hold of all their secrets.

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