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Sound Royalties is Expanding Music Relief Funding For Rights Holders

Shahina Khatun



Sound Royalties, a company founded in 2014 aiming to help the professional musicians sustain and flourish their career and without posing any copyright risk, has announced today about an expansion. This will extend their program which was basically scheduled to end on April 16. All musicians who were eligible for the program can also apply for the financing on an annual repayment program without any costs of any kind.

Alex Heiche, the CEO and founder of the company, has informed in a briefing that they are going to continue their no-cost funding program and they will emphasize on the eligibility of many publishers and labels because of the overwhelming response from the community. The company is also considering the fact that the music industry is going through a hard time, and the past month was brutal for it as for so many payment delays and event cancellation.

Sound Royalties is now providing funding to these creative music professionals without even requiring any copyright or collateral. The company is totally dedicated to serving these musicians and artists, and they also offer pass-through money-source so that artists can receive continuing royalty payments.

Many musicians and songwriters as well as many music entrepreneurs are self-employed, and they are the ones being sufferd the most, and the company takes its pride in helping this group. Many renowned artists are welcoming and praising the initiative of Sound Royalties. They are stating the program as a no-risk program for working artists who have their shows cancelled or postponed.

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