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Soul Warrior Consulting, Inc. and Pro-Fitness Plus Join Forces to Launch Their New Personal Training Team & StrongYOU (TM) Sessions

Shahina Khatun



Soul Warrior Consulting and Pro-Fitness Plus that are engaged in fitness and nutrition issues and collaborate to offer the community the best in personal training & StrongYOU (TM) group fitness sessions. Soul Warrior Consulting will help busy people come to a better shape in their lives through personalized training to fit your busy personal and biz schedule. Pro-Fitness Plus assist the Billerica MA community stay in the best shape of their life with a 55,000 square meter gym including personal training area, women’s only section juice bar and more.

From Soul Warrior Consulting Michael claims that personal training set out many advantages: faster results avoiding injuries, losing weight and increasing muscle, setting realistic goals, responsibility, lifelong habits and much more. Michael further states that StrongYOU (TM) group sessions will provide the same advantages, but in a group setting. Soul Warrior Consulting will offer a free personal training session and a free StrongYOU ™ session to all residents of Billerica, as well as Middlesex residents.

Soul Warrior Consulting, Inc. right now offers Individual Training, Corporate Health Programs, Nutrition Specific Programming, Meal Planning, Seminars, Workshops, and Group Fitness Sessions.

The association between both Fitness Companies came because of the background of Pro-Fitness Plus and Soul Warriors, and striving to give the best program to the quickest weight loss and body transformation. Opening of the new area at Pro-Fitness Plus, in Billerica will give an extraordinary chance to get the Middlesex County people group included.  Pro-Fitness Plus is found 333 Boston Rd, Billerica Ma and this is the place the Personal Training and StrongYOU (TM) exercises will be occurring.

Soul Warrior Consulting, Inc. Nutrition Consultations also provides quick-weight-loss plans so you don’t miss out on anything when it comes to their members ’goals.

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