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SolarCraft Has Established Solar Power Installation at Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery

Shahina Khatun



The rambling solar power system is established on various rooftops over the facility, which consists of 544 highly efficient 335-watt solar panels along with 5 inverters. The system will generate 253,624 kWh on an annual basis. Besides, any kind of excessive power that they produce will flow back into the local utility system by reducing the strain greatly on the regional power grid.

Mike Bellaran, the Director of Finance at Gary Farrell, said that converting the winery to solar was a major component of sustainable winery certification, which Gary Farrell Winery has received recently from California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. Mike also said that they were proud to support Sonoma County’s leadership of the sustainability movement in winery and vineyard operations. The wine business was an industry with a deep connection to the land. They were grateful to the SolarCraft due to their collaboration in that initiative. SolarCraft aided them by providing a guide to every step of that process, even from the design as well as permitting via installation and getting permission to handle from PG&E by keeping everything on the right schedule while working with the harvest and a few challenging weather conditions.

An enhancing number of vintners are searching for several ways to decrease and set the operations expenses for a longer period with energy costs. With the warranty of 25 years and more than 40-year design life on key system components, the system will positively be impacting the bottom line of Gary Farrell. Around 400 metric tons of CO2 produced by this operation can be removed during the life of the system.

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