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SolarCraft Completes Solar Power System at Thomas Swan Sign Company

Shahina Khatun



The solar power system is basically a roof mounted system to get the maximum sun exposure. The system is set up in the southern part because at the southern part, the sunlight can be received for the entire day. The solar power system is consisted of 410 highly efficient solar panels which can produce annually 198,000 kWh. The excess power which is generated during the entire day is directly banked by the PG&E for future use. The installation of this expansive solar panel can cover a better portion of total roof and also can provide protection and shading to cool the whole building. The owner of the Thomas Swan named Mike Roberts said that he had wanted their company to go green and at the same time to save the money. He added that he had used the SolarCraft before 20 years to set up a solar pool heating system on his home. The solar pool had done an impressive job and that’s the reason why they had hired the team to do solar electronic for their building. The communication between Thomas Swan and SolarCraft had been consistent and thorough.

Each year, more than 140 metric tons of CO2 gas is generated by the operations of Thomas Swan and it will also be eliminated. Thomas Swan Sign Company is a fascinating architectural sign and also graphics company with a history of 140 year. SolarCraft is a 100% employee owned and one of the greatest green tech employers which are based across the North Bay for more than 35 years.

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