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SocksPlus1 Is Offering Insurance for Socks

Shahina Khatun



SocksPlus1 is very excited as they can now announce about an innovative option when their customers will be purchasing the socks. SockPlus1 is now offering a “Buy a Pair Add a Spare” option for several socks which allow their customers to purchase a 3rd similar sock when buying a pair of socks from the This is similar to an insurance policy for the socks. There are now thousands of jokes about mismatched and missing socks which can be a reason of your bad day. The missing sock is called one of the greatest miseries of life. A study commissioned by the Samsung appliances in UK had found that on an average people in their lifetime lose 1,264 socks which are equal to 1.3 socks in each month.

Socks are generally less than a dollar and even sometimes they can be more than hundred dollars per pair. With their available unique design, you can use the “Buy a Paid Add a Spare” option to believe while purchasing the favorite pair.

The concept of Sock Insurance came on the basis of the incident of missing and mismatched socks when the lifetime of every morning is ruined due to it. The has now changed this way to the people like when they buy the socks by introducing an economical and easier way. In addition to this named brands, the company is now also providing several socks with special features including the impressive compression socks and also is continuing to add some new brands.

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