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Small Business Owners Suffer: National Credit Partners Can Help Only

Shahina Khatun



Even before the COVID-19 attacked the human race, small businesses had been fighting for its survival due to some factors like a seasonal business, lack of reserves, unpredictable tariffs and extreme weather. Now the coronavirus has hit the lethal blow to the industry.

Many small business companies are laying off their employees and facing breaking in supply chain and reduced revenue. They are just struggling to keep their doors open.

In these critical moments, the government is trying to protect many consumers and small business owners. They can now postpone their payments on mortgages, govt. loans and credit cards even with no penalty. The government has also offered SBA loan programs for them. But it is supposed to take weeks or even months to process the applications and provide fund due to the excessive amount of applications.

National Credit Partners may help by restructuring their business debt and reducing loan payments. According to their leverage and relationship with the community.

Several MCA lenders are accepting business owners an arbitrary reduction. But it is also questionable in the whimsical world of the MCA. As the lenders have the full power to raise any their payments regardless of the situation, there are reasons behind those questions.

The small business owners can also understand the whole scenario, and they also know that there is not any chance to get help any soon. A practical business owner also knows that he can’t pay back 100% of what they owe to the lenders and now he needs to seek assistance to the National Credit Partners,

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