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Sleep Loss May Contribute to Heart Disease in Those with Low Incomes

Shahina Khatun



People who are in the problematic financial condition, have a greater risk of being affected with different cardiovascular diseases. According to a new research, substantial sleep loss may be responsible to the cardiac arrest in context of social inequality. Last year a research was published in Circulation Journal that explained that the people who have lower socioeconomic status are prone to be affected by the cardiovascular diseases than the people who have higher socioeconomic status.

Moreover, there is another recent study which reveals that the people who are living in low income countries likely to face greater risk of the cardiovascular disease. There are several psychological as well as biological factors which can explain the relationship between the lower socioeconomic status and cardiovascular disease along with anxiety and the high blood pressure.

In the recent study, the researchers gathered the data from 111,205 participants throughout eight various companions from four different countries including United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Switzerland. The participants were selected based on various socioeconomic categories like high income, middle income and low income. The investigators also collected the past history of the participants either they faced any coronary heart disease before, and carefully measured the sleep duration. They also categorized the sleep based on the duration – long sleep (more than 8.5 hours each night), short sleep (lesser than 6 hours each night) and recommended sleep (6 to 8.5 hours each night).

The findings indicated that the insufficient sleep played a vital role in increasing the risk of being affected by the cardiovascular problem among the people having lower income as well as lower socioeconomic status. However, the impact can also vary by biological sex.

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