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SkyOne to Represent Asigra Across the Gulf Cooperation Council of Countries

Shahina Khatun



Asigra Inc. is an influential cloud recovery, backup and a restore software provider from 1986. Today, they have announced that the SkyOne is the representative of the company across the Middle East as well as Gulf Cooperation Counci. SkyOne is based in the Dubai of UAE and an IT solution provider which is concentrated on the enterprise data security and protection, had executed using the secured cloud infrastructure of the organization. Through this newer local representation, the SkyOne will grow access to the anti-ransomware enabled data preservation powered by the Asigara ensuring all the data will remain in the GCC based clouds either as self-hosted or as purchased as GCC based cloud service.

By supporting the operating geographies of the Turkey, India as well as the countries in Middle East and in the GC zones of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE, the SkyOne is working with the channel partner throughout the entire region to provide power to the customers with the cybersecurity equipped enterprise data preservation as well as security technologies. Due to this reason, the customers are receiving help in transforming the IT environments with the most modern solutions made ready for the requirements of today’s business. Via the solution portfolio which also includes the data protection as well as security servers, Salesforce, cloud applications, Office365 and some more.

Being a cornerstone of this tricky local representation, the SkyOne has also adapted the Asigra Cloud Backup V14 that converges the enterprise data protection and the cybersecurity. The upgraded platform includes several engines for detecting the malware in the backup and the recovery streams to protect the ransomware from receiving into backup repository.

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