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Sketchbook: Release Date, Star cast, Synopsis, Trailer, and more




Disney is going to release a six-part documentary on the 27th of April. Sketchbook will focus on the details of the art of hand-drawn animation. It will embark on the welcome return to traditional 2D. The series is released in beautiful times. It will be disclosing the 100th anniversary. We will also see a closer look at the Disney artists. It is for the most iconic and distinctive talents. They will be shown drawing iconic characters.

What is the synopsis of the upcoming series “Sketchbook”?

The series will detail the journey of artists drawing their iconic characteristics. We will see the level of focus and dedication required to bring up the characters to life. From “The Emperor’s New Groove” to 2D animator Mark Henn drawing Simba from “The Lion King”. It will disclose the visual development. The artist Jin Kim will be drawing Captain Hook from everyone’s favorite, “Peter Pan.”

Who will be featured in the upcoming series “Sketchbook”?

The series will detail some of the most amazing characters and their creators. We will sail on the journey of Emperor’s New Groove “Kuzco”. Gabby Capili was the creator. We will also see “Olaf” coming to life. Hyun Min Lee will discuss the funny story of how she came up with him in one of the episodes. We will also see “The Genie” by the animator Eric Goldberg tracing his step to reach the most magical character of all time. Finally, there will be “Mirabel” from Encanto by the artist Samantha Villefort.

The series will also feature the creation of Simba & Captain Hook.

Is the trailer for the series Sketchbook out yet?

Yes, the trailer is already up and running. It displays maestros drawing the characters back to life and also a new animator like Jin Kim.

The viewers will be on a level one of the unprecedented looks. We will see the journey of our beloved characters.

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