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Should You Separate Business From Personal On Facebook



Yes! There are 3 reasons why you want to leave your business in your Facebook life.

Avoid letting your friends feel intimidated by your company

Your Facebook friends talk to you in person. They are not interested in seeing your business information on your news website. Invite your customers to your LIKE page and establish your business conversations there.

An effective way to protect the link between your profile and your company page is to make your company page your workplace. This is like a link under your profile picture and is a great way to make your friends want to know what you are working on.

Tip: Make sure your worship page has your name and business description on it. That way, when people search for you on Facebook with your name, they’ll see your profile under a group of people, as well as your worship page under a page.

Get more organized by separating business reports and personal reports.

I like doing this because it makes my life easier. When I’m on Facebook, I can choose to focus on personal or business stories.

Let’s say you like the cooking page and it reflects your personal interest. I like this page when it’s on your personal profile. When you click ‘Start’ to go to your mailing list, status updates will appear for that page.

From a business perspective, let’s say you like how to increase your search engine ranking on the page. I like this page when looking for work. When you click ‘Start’ to go to your mailing list, status updates will appear for that page.

This process allows you to create two separate web files. Clicking ‘go’ when you are in your avatar will give you a list, and clicking ‘Start’ when you confirm your page will give you another source.

To customize your mailing list in this way, before you like the page, click the bottom arrow on the right side of the screen. The drop-down box is displayed. Under the heading, “Use Facebook as”, click on your profile name to make it your own character, or click on the name of your worship page to make it your business.

make your business response more effective

When commenting on other business pages, you want people to see you as your type of business. If you help, laugh, or ask good questions, they will want to control you. When they click on you, you want them to fit on your worship page and not on your profile.

As you interact with other people and send them to your loved one’s page, things will attract you and your friends. This increases the publicity of your company.

Tip: You must be personally accountable to the group. Hopefully Facebook has changed this because there are so many different groups involved in business and it makes sense that you are in your business when you speak there.

In summary

Build better relationships with people by focusing on their concerns. Make the most of your time on Facebook by separating business listings from personal stories. Increase your performance by sending people to your profile or business page as they comment on it.

Navneet is associated with BossyNews for a long time as an International Author and has a keen interest in sharing news and updates related to the world of business and entrepreneurship. You can reach him at

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