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Science Kits to Teach About Virus

Shahina Khatun



While the world is passing one of the most critical times of its history with COVID-19 threatening most of the countries and taking death tolls in thousands raising awareness is now the most necessary strategy to fight against the threat. Recently, as the same effort, Home Science Tools, in short HST, has innovated a totally exceptional kit that will allow people to understand the virus, how they spread and hoe a pandemic occurs more distinctly. It will also describe other processes like virus transmission, evolvement and inform how to be safe and save others from it.

Today, people are obligated to be in their homes to stop further contamination of the virus corona. Though they know the process, it is naturally not so easy to be habituated with the idea like self-isolation, social distance. Cause people are unfamiliar with these concepts and most of the time they can’t understand the process. In an attempt to familiarize the general people with the virus and their transmission and these preventing strategy and teaching the value of hygienic practice Home Science Tools has introduced such kits.

Students of all ages can use those kits and make themselves aware of disease transmission. These kits include some hand-on activities which will also allow them to realize the science behind viral diseases and thus they can implement their own strategies to fight against them.

This Coronavirus Education Kit includes activities like hand washing techniques, one to one virus transmission, and demonstrating sneeze and cough transmission, etc. The Home Science Tools authorities think that the kit will enable families and kids to raise their awareness saving their time.

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