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SCA Launching Radio Hosting Company to Provide Easy Online Radio Station Creation & Management

Shahina Khatun



The head of SCA, Don Lichterman, has announced the plans to launch its radio hosting service to the global marketplace on his blog and on his latest podcast. The company is already showcasing its automated system that enables customers to create and manage their own radio station on the Internet. The company takes pride in offering customers the most innovative way to build, develop, implement and execute their very own radio station utilizing the impressive automated system. Customers can broadcast live with the latest integrated live broadcasting ‘Web DJ software.

The company hasn’t changed its inexpensive pricing model to even compete against its other peers. Don Lichterman describes that he is launching the Radio host Co. because there are no low-cost companies like his. His hosting company will not only provide a fully active product on all levels, but it will also cost almost no money to deal with it. It can also be implemented and operated with the greatest of ease.

Though the headquarters and offices are in New Jersey, the company has planned to provide service to anyone worldwide. Radio Host clients can create any kind of account profiles. From Satellite Radio to music festivals, the choice is theirs. They can be heard on cell phones, Smart Speakers in general, in vehicles, Spotify, iTunes anywhere his station ranges. Already around 15 radio stations, companies, and brands trust the Radio Host Co observing its success in the last testing phase. The Radio Host Co is officially launched today.

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