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Sardina Systems Gives Free Deployment of FishOS OpenStack

Shahina Khatun



Nearly a week ago, Sardina System announced a free private OpenStack cloud deployment in certain regions of the world. Now it has expanded the offer to Italy and other lockdown European countries. It will continue to deploy a free FishOS cloud to these countries till September.

As the COVID-19 is exploding, and the situation is being grave with every passing time, Sardina Systems is arranging this free deployment services and free FishOS software license for almost six months. These services will be available to all businesses, all research facilities, different Govt. organizations, media in Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Latvia, Greece, and the UK

In a statement, the CMO of Sardina Systems Michaela Constantinescu said “”Europe is their home, and in those critical times of need, they were there to do their best they could to help.” The company is spreading its hand toward the corona affected countries.

Till now France, Spain, and Italy is the most suffered country by the coronavirus and all of their inhabitants must stay behind doors for an uncertain period. In this critical time, companies and enterprises are slowing down and lying off their employees and adopting special strategies to cope up. But it is also the time when research facilities and other helping organizations need flexible IT infrastructure.

Sardina FishOS provides an OpenStack and Kubernetes platform to activate a rapid deployment, reliable, and scalable operations. This FishOS will deploy flexible, measurable, and efficient clouds to these facilities. The super-fast services will alone them to continue their work with no disruption.

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