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Rose Medical Center Maintains Five-Star Rating from CMS

Shahina Khatun



Rose Medical Center again has acquired the most prestigious five stars rating from the Centers for the Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Compare Program. This CMS is a federal agency which controls and oversees the hospitals across the nation and is tasked with ensuring the patients throughout the country are receiving better care and access to improved health. One of the tools is star-rating system to aid the patients as well as the caregivers to find the best care institutions.

This rating system was first created in 2018, and Rose was among the former hospitals in Colorado to get this recognition. Again in 2019, the hospital acquired five stars. Now they are maintaining the level of excellence for the 3rd year in a row this year. The rating indicates that Rose has carefully been evaluated as well as deemed above the average both in quality and care.

The Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer at the Rose Medical Center named Andrew Weinfeld said that across every department, throughout every discipline and type of responsibilities, their team was dedicated to the safety and health of every patient. The President and Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Tobin, added that they were grateful that the CMS provided that user-friendly system to aid the patients in determining the hospitals which were providing that level of care. They are honored to provide quality care to their patients every day.

The CMS Hospital Compare website reports on the quality for over 4000 hospitals across the nation. The program evaluates the hospitals based on various measurements to calculate the star rating.

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