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Rose Center for the Bariatrics Recognized Among the Top 5% in Nation for the Bariatric Surgery

Shahina Khatun



Rose Medical Center is one of the best 5% medical centers across the nation for the bariatric surgery, and it is according to the national report provided by the Healthgrades, the influential online resource for the inclusive information about the hospitals and the physicians. Each year, the Healthgrades evaluates the performance of each hospital nationwide. They evaluate around 4,500 hospitals for common inpatient conditions and also the procedures by using the Medicare data.

The Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Healthgrades named Brad Bowman said that the hospitals which stood out for an exceptional performance in the bariatric surgery should have been commended for the long-standing commitment to the quality. He added that since the consumers were increasingly acute when it is about to find and select the hospitals. When the patients could be confident about selecting the specific hospital, the hospital would achieve the Healthgrades recognition.

Besides the top 5% recognition, the Rose Medical Center has also earned many bariatrics awards that include

  • Recipient of Healthgrades 2020
  • Recognized by the Healthgrades in 2020 for the superior performance in the bariatric surgery
  • Among the best 5% of the hospitals evaluated for the bariatric surgery in 2020
  • Among the best 10% of the hospitals evaluated for the bariatric surgery in 2020
  • 5 star recipient for the overall bariatric surgery for 3 years a row.

Rose Medical Center is a destination hospital which will attract the patients from across the entire Colorado as well as around the world.

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