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RMK Consulting, LLC Offering Free Cyber Security Training to help Remote Workforces

Shahina Khatun



RMK Consulting, LLC, has announced a free cybersecurity training today. It is an engaging online video-training program. This powerful cybersecurity training program is planned and designed in such a way so that employees can learn about shared threats as opposed to their organization’s cybersecurity.  The training will also provide medium-sized businesses with an innovative way to train their employees and staff on cybersecurity risks, best practices, and responsibilities amid the coronavirus pandemic from their home.

As organizations have been obligated to operate their work from a remote work environment, employees are working from home now. So, the situation poses some new but big cybersecurity risks to these organizations. Cybercriminals all over the world are diligently trying to take advantage of this situation. It is highly probable that employees may commit some mistakes, let their guard down or even slip up by practicing poor cyber hygiene.

RMK Consulting, LLC, is just trying to ensure that these businesses don’t put themselves at risk. That is why they are providing free cybersecurity training to eager organizations.

 Here are some features and benefits of this free training:

· Attracting, a video-based training program which is accessible from anywhere

· Teaches the best practices for averting scams and protecting data

· Testing employee knowledge and giving certificate after completion

· Subsidiary dark web scan of the company domain

· Employees complementary phishing test

This free cybersecurity training program is starting April 20, 2020, at no charge. For farther information, visit, or you may email at

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