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Resident Evil: Release Date, Star Cast, Trailers, and much more



Resident Evil

Netflix is back with another thrilling horror drama; Resident Evil. It will be streaming from July 14. It takes reference from the video game series by Capcord. The genre focused on action, horror, Sci-Fi, and apocalypse.

What is the plot of the series Resident Evil releasing on July 14?

The series plot covers the timeline of 2022 and the year 2036. The gap of the year in the timeline will bring in the struggle in the life of Billie and Jade. They are half-twins and children of Albert. The dramatic approach develops when they move to a new community, “New Raccoon City”.

The series will focus on the dark legacy. There will also be an outbreak of a virus called T-retroviral bioweapon. It will also discuss the presence of an emerging organization named Umbrella Corporation, equipped with a military that will conduct a hunt for Jade.

Resident Evil scene

Who all are starring in the upcoming series Resident Evil releasing on Netflix on July 14?

We will see some of the amazing star cast in the upcoming series. Lance Reddick will take over the role of Albert Wesker. Ella Balinska will be Jade Wesker. Adeline Rudolph will be Billie. Paola Nunez will be Evelyn Marcuse. We will also see Mpho Osei Tutu taking the role of Yen. Finally, Anthony Oseyemi will be taking the role of Roth.

We will also see Marisa Drummond as Guard. Lea Vivier will amaze us with her role in the character of Susana Franco. Ahad Raza Mir will take up the role of Arjun Batra. Connor Gosatti will be Simon in the series. We will also have Turlough Convery.

Is the trailer for the series Resident Evil out yet?

Yes, the trailer is already out on all streaming platforms. It highlights a look at an apocalypse and the world coming to an end in 2036.

Umbrella Corporation will soon be changing the world. Start watching on July 14th, 2022, only on Netflix.

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