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Resident Alien Season 2: Release date, Trailer, Star Cast, and other details



Resident Alien Season 2

Get excited for the new season of Resident Alien. It is going to premiere on January 26th on USA and SYFY networks. The first season became the TV’s most-watched drama of the year 2021. Also, fans can no longer hold back for season 2.

The first season featured extraterrestrial Harry(Tudyk). He was on a secret expedition to wipe out the human race. Unfortunately, his ship crashes into the earth instead of a graceful landing. In the first season 1, he tries to fit in to accomplish his mission. The Sci-fi comedy series Season 2 is also going to amaze the viewers.

What is the Resident Alien Season 2 Plot?

Season 2 will pick up the pace with Harry in the hospital. He will try to recollect his memory of the accident. He is now a reformed being. Also, he will try to protect the humans. The confusion will bring in a lot of comedy scenes. He will have emotions for people he once wanted to kill. The last season left many questions. Also, viewers can expect answers to all the questions.

Resident Alien Season 2 Plot

Who is starring in the Resident Alien Season 2 Plot?

Resident Alien will feature Alan Tudyk(Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle). He is an alien from an extraterrestrial sort. Sara Tomko will play the role of Asta Twelvetrees. She is the nurse who becomes Harry’s friend. Judah Prehn will be Max Hawthorne (Mayor’s show). Corey Reynolds will play the role of sarcastic Sheriff Mike Thompson. However, Elizabeth Bowen will play the role of Deputy Liv Baker. She is a good contrast to Mike Thompson.

The other cast includes Levi Fiehler, Meredith Garretson, Alice Wetterlund.

Is the trailer for Resident Alien Season 2 out?

Yes, the trailer for is already out. Viewers can catch the scene where Harry wakes up. And, the comedy rolls out to the screen.

Get ready to laugh out the Resident Alien Season 2.

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