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Reprise Hosting Releases NVMe Powered Cheap Dedicated Servers

Shahina Khatun



The budget dedicated server provider named Reprise Hosting LLC had marked their 7th year in the business with their release of a newer line of the NVMe powered cheap dedicated servers. Brian Harrison of the Reprise Hosting in an interview said that the demand and expectations of the users is about the instant respond to their applications. The page loads, download speeds as well as the start up lines – that’s all which need to be as fast as possible. As a host, they had to provide the affordable dedicated servers with faster processors, more memory, more cores and specifically with more storage. He also said that on 10th January, they saw the most server workloads were dependent on the I/O when things bottlenect, that was typically disk-related. Their release of the NVMe powered dedicated servers directly addresses the reality.

Reprise Hosting NVMe dedicated servers have enabled the modern applications to achieve their maximum potential by leveraging PCIe – the applications which require the maximum performance with the access to the local flash storage through the fastest I/O data highways. How the NVMe has unlocked the potential of the flash-based storage can also be understood from comparing it with some older protocols. For instance, the SATA had allowed only 1 command queue capable to hold 31 more commands by allowing the limited optimization. On the other hand, the NVMe also has enabled more than 65,000 queues with the 64,000 commands in each queue. With the NVMe, the I/O capabilities of the flash can be fed throughout the PCIe faster to allow the multi-core the processors to finish some more useful work in lesser time which will result in greater application productivity.

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