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Raymond F.H. Bustamante and Edward L. Sheiffele, Jr. Promoted to Senior Leadership Positions at the Berkley Construction Professional

Shahina Khatun



The Berkley Construction Professional is a division of the Berkley Alliance Managers. A Berkley Company has expanded their dedication towards the pollution insurance liability and the construction professional marketplace with the fascinating promotion of Raymond F.H. Bustamante. The promotion is to the Managing Director and Edward L. Sheiffele Jr. got his promotion to the executive vice president.

The president of the Berkley Alliance Managers, Stephen L. Porcelli said that both Ed and Ray had played crucial roles in the growth and development of the Berkley Construction Professional from a startup firm in the year of 2015. They had brought the startup firm in a stable condition. The company is now at thriving presence within the professional liability insurance for constructing the industry. Stephen L. Porcelli also said that he was extremely satisfied to know that the strategic expertise, their creativity, combined vision would be at the forefront of their expansion as well as the success for these years.

Mr. Raymond Bustamante and Mr. Edward Sheiffele at their newer positions will work with Stephen L. Porcelli directly to guide the development of the organization’s business as well as to direct the introduction of the quality and responsive insurance solutions which can meet the trending market needs.

With more than 2 decades of the experience in the insurance industry, Mr. Sheiffele will be involved more deeply for the management of the expenses of the company as well as the budgeting, planning and production. Furthermore, he will also be involved in the general administrative functions.

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