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Queer as Folk: Release Date, Trailers, Star Cast and much more



Queer as Folk

Peacock is back with another interesting homosexual series “Queer as Folk”. It is to release in the prime month on June 9. The series will entitle the modern, raunchy way into the gay world. The ever-diverse queer community is just like the world though there is segregation to it. The stories are becoming more vital and must make it to the world. Russell T. Davies first created the series of the same name. It was groundbreaking and opened the eyes of many individuals.

What is the synopsis of the upcoming series Queer as Folk on Peacock?

The viewers can expect the comeback of the old series in modern times. It is not specifically the reboot but the reimagination of the very concept. Stephen Dunn is the creator, so you can expect only the best from it. The series will highlight the rawness of the emerging pop culture. And it will also discuss the lives of friends evolving in the meantime in the queer culture.

The series will reflect the mirror image of the community at a societal level. The show takes a reference to the events that occurred in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. There is no violence in the series, but it will also not fail to bring up the event at its best.

Queer as Folk Scene

Who all are starring in the Queer as Folk releasing on 9th June?

The series will feature some of the amazing star cast. It has Devin Way from Grey’s Anatomy. We will also see Fin Argus, who played his part in “The Gifted”. We will also see James Keitel from Big Sky’s Jesse. There will be Ryan O’Connell, who got famous for his role in Specials. We will also see Johnny Sibilly. There will be Kim Cattrall, Juliette Lewis, and Ed Begley Jr. too.

Is the trailer for the series Queer as folk out yet?

Yes, the trailer is already available for watching.

The series is set in New Orleans and is more of a reboot of the older version of Queer as Folk.

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